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WolfenM's fics ...

Okay, two things to note about my brain: a) in it, John and Rodney are both bi rather than gay (probably because *I* am ;)), and b) I really like slow realisations on the part of the characters of the truth about themselves (and others), with lots of denial.

This was the first McShep fic I ever wrote. It's mostly pre-slash, with the consummation only being hinted at, really.

Title: Little Wonders
Rating: R
Pairings: McShep, plus a small smattering of Ronon/Teyla
Genres: Friendship, Angst, Romance, Pre-Slash, Slash, Humour, Hurt/Comfort, Character Death (just mentions of canon)
Summary: When McKay is befriended by a strange young girl, Sheppard gains new insight to the mind of the physicist. But will that insight be enough to keep Rodney from going over the edge after suffering a terrible loss?
Spoilers: through "Sunday", with a tiiiiiny, inconsequential spoiler for "First Strike". Also massive spoilers for the film It's a Wonderful Life.
Length: 14 chapters + Epilogue, about 31,350 words (around 75 pages in Word) *faints*
Notes: Starts at the beginning of the television series, goes AU after Sunday. Fic named for a song by Rob Thomas.

Click here to read the fic.  Or read it at Wraithbait.

No actual coming out in this one, but John sure does get close to coming out to himself ...

Title: Escapes and Escapades
Rating: PG
Pairings: McShep
Genres: Friendship, Angst, Pre-Slash, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Episode tag for the second season ep, "The Hive". Explores Rodney's feelings at the end of the ep, then reveals how Shep and the others learned about his nearly od'ing on the Wraith enzyme.
Spoilers: "The Hive"
Length: Almost 1900 words

Click here to read the fic. (Or, read it at Wraithbait.)

This one is probably the most fitting of the concept of coming out.

: The Hands-Free Muffin
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Slash, First Time, Angst, Humour, Character Study
Summary: A mild injury leaves Rodney temporarily unable to use his hands. John's being surprisingly helpful ....
Length: almost 12350 words (about 28 pages)
Spoilers: Inspired by a season four set picture from Joe M's blog and some slightly-spoilerish things he's said there. If you're trying to remain 100% spoiler-free, even from the promos, casting, and basic plotlines, then read no further. Otherwise, I don't think there's anything that will ruin the show for you, as it's all my conjecture based on the barest minimum of facts. I will elaborate on the spoilers after the fic, in the end notes.
Notes: Set near the end of season 4, but written before the season's actually started, so totally AU/conjecture, since obviously I haven't seen the ep in question. A sequel of sorts to Escapes and Escapades, but it's entirely unnecessary to read that one -- I just think they go well together. Also, I make no apologies for this, but I'm warning you now that it's exceedingly fluffy. ;) ... This wasn't supposed to be NC-17, but the damn plot-bunny just kept going, and going ....

Read it at Wraithbait ....


To kick things off, tejas suggested that we start by reccing existing coming-out stories that we've read or written in the past. Feel free to reply to this post with a link and a few words about the story, or (if it's your work) go ahead and make a separate post. And... go!
Welcome to out_stargate! This community was started in honor of GLBT History Month (October) and specifically Coming Out Day (October 11.)

The idea is this: this community is the place to post your coming-out stories. Well, not yours, but Stargate characters'. SG-1 and SG:A are both equally welcome, as are any stories involving one or more characters coming out to someone -- could be their family, their friends, their teams, their crush, each other or (yikes!) their opposite-gender significant other.

This community has free posting access and will be open indefinitely, however I'd love to see some real participation this month! Let's get writing!


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